What is Camp Agape NW?
Camp Agape NW (CANW) is a six day over-night camp provided at no cost for your child with cancer, their siblings, and their parents and/or legal guardians. This is a week for the whole family. CANW gives children with cancer a chance to feel normal, siblings a chance to feel special, and parents a time to be together. CANW includes on-site cabin style lodging (shared with another family), delicious home cooked meals, family centered activities and entertainment, beautiful waterfront, and a full-time 24 hour volunteer nursing staff. During camp parents experience a carefree week while connecting with other parents. Children with cancer and their siblings are assigned ”buddies” who provide personal attention for each child while concierges focus on the needs of the parents. Children with cancer and their families are invited to attend CANW for 2 years.

Who can attend Camp Agape NW?
CANW is open to families of all religions, faiths and backgrounds whose child receives cancer treatment within Washington State. Applications from families living or receiving treatment in other states will also be considered on a case by case basis. CANW campers and their siblings range in ages from infancy up to 18 years (and parents of any age). If you have questions regarding who may be eligible please contact us using the contact information below.

How are applications considered?
CANW applicants are selected on a first come first serve basis. CANW is able to host about 20 families per year. Camp does fill up quickly so we encourage families to apply as early as possible. Once camp does reach capacity families will be placed on a wait list. It is our desire to find a spot for everyone who wants to attend CANW; however we must work within the camp capacity rules.

How do I fill out the online registration?
The link in this email will take you to the registration forms that need to be completed to apply for CANW. When registering, please register each person in your family separately. Please register each parent(s)/guardian(s) first and then register each child individually.

For the safety of our children, Camp Agape NW has made it policy to run background checks on every person over age 18 who is on site during the week of camp. This applies to volunteers and people over age 18 attending camp as part of a family. When registering children under 18 you can skip the background check section. The background check is limited to offenses that indicate there may be potential harm to other campers. All information will be kept confidential.

After I fill out the forms, then what?
You will be notified upon receipt of your application and of your family’s status. If you do not hear from us within 14 days of submitting your application, please contact us. Once your family’s acceptance has been confirmed you and your family can prepare for camp! At that time we will email you camp directions, a packing list, and 2 forms that you need to bring with you to camp. The first is a list of all medications, and the second form is a completed Medical Evaluation Form signed by a licensed practitioner indicating your child meets the minimum blood counts. The minimum blood counts required to attend camp are absolute neutrophil count of 1,000, platelet count of 50,000, and hematocrit of 25. Your child with cancer must meet the minimum requirements in order to attend camp.