Camp Agape changed my brother’s life in 2000 and 2001. They gave him the best time of his life, and our family will never forget it. My oldest brother and I decided that once we were old enough, we’d be counselors there together and this was the first year that I was able to sign up. The week was filled with laughter, love and each moment is easy to remember like the back of my hand. It was purely phenomenal. The kids have so much fun, and the parents get to relax. Next year, I’ll probably fill out the application and already have things packed for the week. It’s definitely a life-changing experience.
Makenna Jester, Staff


I want to express my gratitude to this AMAZING camp.. Being a single mom with two kids who are sick I truely felt the love. My boys were able to connect with thier counslors.. I can’t wait til next year. Thanks Camp Agape Northwest for the love you showed us. I truly will never forget it.
Renee Hipp, Parent

It has been part of our healing. We pray that the hospitals cured our son. Now as we begin a journey of healing you have put us on our way.

Barbara Jaffe, Parent

It was welcoming and gave us so many activities for the children to do. The people were so fun loving, caring, and friendly.

The Borgman Family, Parents


Camp Agape Northwest gave our family the chance to relax and rest and have fun as a family. It gave us the chance to meet new families and kids in the same boat and connect with so many loving and supporting volunteers and counselors.
Kathleen Barry, Parent

I felt a healing take place in my heart and in Gregg’s. My kids made friends outside of the hospital that have had similar happenings. That was such a blessing to see them bond with one another. It was so wonderful here that I would love some families I know to experience it also. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each and every one of you to make this kind of memory for me and my family.

The Pharris Family, Parents